We are ready for any endeavor that is required from our worldwide clientele. Our accounting and tax advantage applied to your business lets you enjoy life while we resolve your needs.

How do we do this? We have the knowledge specific to your industry, capturing the details and transaction flows in your company, using proper accounting software and other accounting and tax tools.


Taxes should be of the utmost importance in our lives today. It is what most people and businesses need guidance on, while we move forward safely in our dynamic 21st century world. We have acquired over 30-plus years of experience in resolving simple to complex tax matters, tax preparation for individuals and businesses, preparing state and local taxes, payroll taxes, adjustments to the books for year-end financials, tax resolution and tax planning.

We are 100% accessible for you. If there's an issue and you are required to pay back taxes or amending your personal or business tax, we have the experience and the drive to get it right.

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In order for a business to function smoothly and grow, it needs a steady stream of facts and reports to be able to anticipate current and future problems, while maintaining the integrity of the historical past. We will keep your accounting books up-to-date and provide you with monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements. We can advise on how to maximize your use of the financials, and we measure key financial ratios essential in achieving your goals for the company. 

We are 100% accessible! If there is an issue with your current business accounting and need us to help, or if you are just starting a business and need us to set up your accounting, please tell us about it, our Pro Team will respond.

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We provide training or technical support for Quickbooks and other accounting software programs. Companies like Intuit will make you buy an updated version of their Quickbooks software, which costs hundreds of dollars, or else they won't give you the technical support you need. We don't. We bill on an hourly rate and the assistance we provide is fast and brilliant. You will always get more out of our technical support because we are professional based in the United States. We can also train you online if you need help.

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Exceler Corp. was formed by Jorge Sanchez with the idea of helping business owners develop their trade and prosper. He has over 30 years experience working with individuals and business , providing them excellent accounting and tax services. Jorge is a Cuban-American professional who grew up in the United States, and comes from a long line of hard-working people. He is knowledgeable in multiple industries, with specialization in practicing accounting for construction, real estate, finance, manufacturing, service, retail and e-commerce companies.

Tax expertise is varied. Having extensive experience with foreign nationals, expats, tax filing for S-Corps, LLCs, C-Corps, Partnerships, Trusts and Non-profit organizations, as well as Individual taxes from simple to complex. Over 30 years experience in using QuickBooks and other accounting software. We at Exceler would allow that you plan ahead in your business, and that using our experts will help you in maintaining an accounting and tax barometer of your past, present and future business. 



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We have the knowledge specific to your industry, capturing the details and transaction flows in your company, using proper accounting software and other accounting and tax tools - Contact Us Today

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